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Takacat 420LX

The 420 LX has an extra wide platform with a 7 person capacity making  it the perfect workhorse of our fleet. Even though it is one of our largest inflatables, it is still compact allowing the packdown into 2 storage bags which can easily fit into your car.

Takacat 420LX

  • Overall Length:                           13’ 9” (4.2m)

    Width:                                             6’ 1” (1.85m)

    Tube Diameter:                            22" (0.56m) 

    Boat Weight:                                 111 lbs (50kg)

    Rec. Outboard:                             15Hp

    Max Outboard:                              20Hp

    Tube Packdown Size:                  57" x 18" x 18" (85 x 70 x 33cm)

    Tube Weights:                                70lbs (31kg)

    Transom Packdown Weights:  35.5" x 14" x 10" (100 x 40 x 25cm)

    Transom Weights:                         40lbs (19kg)

    Capacity:                                           7 people / 1576 lbs (714kg)


    LX Series Included Accessories 

    When you purchase a Takacat Boat, it comes with the following accessories:


    Manual Pump

    Set of Oars

    Repair Kit  
    (incl Patch, Valve Tool - no glue)

    2 x Storage Bags

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