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Takacat 300LX

The Portable Tender

Full of features, the Takacat T300 LX is our most popular smaller day boat in the LX range.  This boat has proven itself over and over again by thousands of boaties as a reliable tender.




Takacat LX Series boats are built for marine professionals and recreational water enthusiasts alike.  The inflatable catamarans are, ultra portable, easy to assemble and designed with many features setting them apart from others in its class.

Whether its fishing, a day trip or use as a tender option for your larger boat, the Takacat Inflatable Catamarans are perfect.  Lightweight, sturdy cost effective and with its fully removable Tube Transom® system these boats can be packed up into 2 compact storage bags and stored or transported almost anywhere.


Ultra-Portable Storage


Easily packs down into 2 lightweight storage carry bags.  Simply put in the back of your car or easily store anywhere.  All storage bags are vented.

Ultra Durable Tube Construction

All Takacat inflatable boats are single seamed making less likelihood for damage on any potential weak areas.  Standard tubes are fabricated from durable custom-made 0.9mm, 1000 denier PVC with welded seams or glued. 




One of the key features is the super stable ride you will have with a Takacat.  Not only is it stable, it also means that your passengers and cargo stay safe.

Innovative Bow Design For Easy Boarding

One of the key features is the open bow design which allows for easy step on step off access from the beach, or larger watercraft. 


Fast-Draining Removable Transom®


The unique removable open Tube Transom® not only allows for easy portability, it also means fast draining.

Shallow Draft

Another great benefit of the Takacat design is the shallow draft.  This is extremely useful when at the beach, fishing rivers or using the boats for flood relief.  This means the boat can easily be taken into shallow waters where some other boats are unable to get to.  The ability to use different types of propulsion (rowed or powered by outboard) makes it ideal.


Takacat 300LX

  • Overall Length:                            8’ 6” (2.6m)

    Width:                                              5’ 1” (1.55m)

    Tube Diameter:                            19" (0.48m)

    Boat Weight:                                 55lbs (25kg)

    Rec. Engine:                                   2.5 - 6 HP

    Max HP:                                            8HP

    Tube Packdown Size:                  37.5" x 14" x 14" (95 x 40 x 30cm)

    Tube Weights:                                35lbs(16kg)

    Transom Packdown Size:           35.5" x 14" x 10" (100 x 40 x 25cm)

    Transom Weights:                         20lbs (9kg)

    Capacity:                                           3 people / 793 lbs (360kg)


    LX Series Included Accessories 

    When you purchase a Takacat Boat, it comes with the following accessories:


    Manual Pump

    Set of Oars

    Repair Kit  
    (incl Patch, Valve Tool - no glue)

    2 x Storage Bags

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