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Takacat Canoe


If space is at a premium in your adventurous life, the Takacat canoe might be your ideal water toy.  Easily store in your garage or , apartment or motorhome/RV and take it anywhere you want.  Inflatable canoes are a solution for paddlers tight on space. Their packability and portability are unparalleled and are easy to pack into a car or even take on a place as checked luggage.

Made with drop stitch technology this canoe is built to be rugged and withstand tough conditions.



Takacat Canoe

  • Every Takacat Canoe comes with:

    ✓ Inflatable Canoe with floor

    ✓ 2 paddles

    ✓ 2 kayak seats

    ✓ High Pressure Hand Air Pump
    ✓ Carry / Storage Bag

    ✓ Repair Kit (no glue)​

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