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Takacat 460LXR

Fast! Stable! Efficient! Built tough!


The new Takacat LX-R series will take your boating experience to new levels.  The LX-R is built tough with performance in mind.  Offering a smooth and stable ride with plenty of internal working deck space. Construction features a durable plate 3mm alloy deck, finished with a durable and easy to clean composite decking material. Tubes are manufactured in 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for added performance and durability.

With a beam of 1.65m [340LX-R] and 2m [460LX-R] and oversized tubes you have huge buoyancy and load carrying capacity along with Takacat renown stability. Engines of up to 55kg can be fitted on the 340LX-R and a whopping 100kg on the 460LX-R.

The ideal Tender for commercial or leisure use. Perfect for fishing, diving or Family missions!

At speed turns are tight even in good swells.  

We have a couple of demonstrator boats available so book a demo with us today.

A variety of engine and trailer options are available on request.


Ultra Durable Tube Construction


All Takacat inflatable boats are single seamed making less likelihood for damage on any potential weak areas.  Standard tubes are fabricated from durable custom-made 0.9mm, 1000 denier PVC with welded seams or glued. 




One of the key features is the super stable ride you will have with a Takacat.  Not only is it stable, it also means that your passengers and cargo stay safe.


Innovative Bow Design For Easy Boarding


One of the key features is the open bow design which allows for easy step on step off access from the beach, or larger watercraft. 


Shallow Draft


Another great benefit of the Takacat design is the shallow draft.  This is extremely useful when at the beach, fishing rivers or using the boats for flood relief.  This means the boat can easily be taken into shallow waters where some other boats are unable to get to.  The ability to use different types of propulsion (rowed or powered by outboard) makes it ideal.


Key Features



1  Bow Platform Design (Only in Australia!)

​Open bow design allows easy access when boarding or exiting inflatable.  Step on and off easily with super stability due to the rigid aluminium deck with EVA Foam standard.

3  Self Draining Aluminium Transom 

Open Valve Transom design allows for easy draining of any water inside allowing your inflatable to stay dry.

5 Valves

Halkey-Roberts fill valves for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. These valves prevent over pressureisation when left in the sun.

2  Non Skid EVA Foam Deck Floor

​The raised eva foam deck and open transom keeps the inflatable out of the water and the floor dry beneath your feet.  Any water drains out the back of the transom.  The eva foam is Ultra UV stabilised meaning it will withstand the sun and not get chalky over time.

4  Safety Grab Handles

Handles along the tubes provide safety allowing you to be able to sit anywhere.

6 Oars

Oars are provided which also allow for non motorised use.  The catamaran design makes for easy and effortless rowing.

Takacat 460LXR

  • Overall Length:                    15” (4.6m)

    Width:                                       6’ 2” (2m)  

    Tube Diameter:                     22" (0.56m)

    Boat Weight:                          127 lbs (58kg)

    Rec. Outboard:                     30Hp

    Max Outboard:                     50Hp

    Capacity:                                 8 people / 1796 lbs (815kg)


    LXR Series Included Accessories 

    When you purchase a Takacat Boat, it comes with the following accessories:


    Manual Pump

    Set of Oars

    Repair Kit  
    (incl Patch, Valve Tool - no glue)


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